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She has a unique beauty, a mysterious and captivating shyness about her and a flair for humanitarian efforts! Forget about Tomb Raider and that weird Billy Bob Blood thing, I think I like Angelina Jolie. I think I like her a lot. She seems so nice, so pretty. Right away I wanted to see the pictures of Shiloh. Recently I’ve even considered a cool tattoo down my back- it’s chic. No, I wouldn’t kiss my brother on the lips, but it’s ok for her. It’s not weird, it’s just a gesture of love, right?

And it was out of this mesmerized fog that I got snapped right back into reality when my cousin dropped this Tiger Lily nomination on me:

From Gina on Angelina Jolie:
“For someone the media is making out to be this glowing maternal goddess and heroic humanitarian, I’d just like to remind them of the bizarre behavior she’s repeatedly shocked us with in her not-so-distant past….drug videos, open confessions of weird sexual encounters, making out with her brother, wearing a vile of her husbands blood to show devotion, etc, etc. Has the public so quickly forgiven and forgotten all of this?

In addition, the way she picks these poor kids up like souvenirs and thrusts them into her odd world is not heroic or maternal, it’s sad and selfish and a little shady. There’s just no telling what kind of psychological trauma they will be sorting through in 10 years. And for someone who insists she’s interested in keeping a low profile, she continues to pull one attention-grabbing stunt after another. Coincidence? I think not. So before she’s nominated as woman-of-the-year, I just felt she deserved to be nominated for a more appropriate award – a tiger lily!”

At first, I was a little defensive. That is some strong language about my girl. After all, Angie’s helping people in New Orleans. But, UN ambassador or not, the facts are the facts. I immediately went to one of the greatest sources of accurate and thorough information, People magazine. Their online magazine has a number of features which have come in very handy for me, as I track Jay-Z and Beyonce’s every move, so naturally, I went there for my information. Here is Jolie’s biography:


After reading her bio, and now out of my transfixed state, there is no doubt in my mind, Angelina Jolie deserves a Tiger Lily. And not because she is so strange and yet so revered, but because she has been able to do what no one else I have ever known has been able to do: She is has overcome her past without totally separating herself from it. I mean, she’s in the public eye and there’s no “fresh start” or “clean slate” for this movie star.

Here’s the thing. In my experience, once labeled a strange-cat, always a strange-cat. Last time I checked, the kid that talked about maggots in the 5th grade and ate his scabs for lunch is still not voted “most popular” at his high school reunion. Instead, they give him “most changed” and then avoid him in the punch line. That’s why, as I watch all of the mania unfold about Angelina Jolie, I am astounded at how quickly people have been able to forgive and forget.

This acceptance of Angelina has me in deep thought about our society’s criteria for forgiveness and redemption. What is it about Angelina? How is it that people are so easily mesmerized by her? Maybe she’s just beautiful and beauty affords great forgiveness in our society. Or maybe it’s just that we like to see Brad happy again. I myself have been taken in by her charms and I just can’t explain why I’m able to look past those Goth years.

As my 10 year high school reunion creeps ever-closer and people sympathize with me when I say I’m not so interested in going, it makes me wonder: How did Angelina escape with only a few cutting scars and few not-so-great tattoos? Looks like we’ll never know. Unless, of course, People decides to enlighten us.

Thanks for the nomination Gina, Tiger Lily #7 to Angelina Jolie. Hmm. #7, a lucky number–maybe this explains the Jolie phenomenon.


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I would like to bestow John Mayer with my inaugural T. Lily.
His songs speak to my soul and it’s not just the lyrics. His smooth guitar tones have evolved from pop to jazz from one album to the next and his writing from love to politics and back again. It’s his raw talent that I admired during a concert about a year ago that endeared him to me, much in the same way that I’ve come to admire the King.

John understands women– and without sounding like I’m in the middle of hero-worship, herein is where the lovely contradiction lies. I like to think myself somewhat of a scholar. I think. I read. I watch CNN and Fox objectively. I listen to the lyrics of a song, I’m interested in what the politicians have to say about health care, I read more than just People. (Although that’s a good one and a must-read.) And John gets me. So how does he become romantically involved with the following?:

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jessica Simpson
Minka Kelly
Cameron Diaz
Pussy Cat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger
Jennifer Anniston

Now, before all you Rachel fans act like I just called Emma ugly, please understand that some of these women (Jessica Simpson and the Pussy Cat Doll) deserve a few more exclamations than the others. But I don’t see any doctors or poets on this list. And I just really, strongly dislike Cameron Diaz. She just defines “ditz.” Now I know http://www.urbandictionary.com/ defines Ditz with the example of Paris Hilton, literally, but Cameron could qualify.

See, she even looks like she’s about to run into someone. Ditz.

And then there’s the 2006 article in Rolling Stone where John gives his exclusive interview on the topic, “How To Be John Mayer’s Girlfriend.” Here’s what he says:

1. “Be really careful with me on the phone. Distance makes the brain grow more maniacal.”
2. “Twenty-four-hour phone-sex assistance. If there’s a cute girl in the front row, I’m gonna run offstage and call you.”
3. “You have to run every single fantasy you’ve ever had through me. You’ll never cheat. You see a cute guy at the gym, I’ll be him. Or we’ll get him. I don’t care.”

John, that’s more than three. Come on.

For a man that understands how a father needs to protect a daughter, it makes me wonder: is this because he knows what kind of guys are out there? I might have imagined meeting John and having a deep conversation about happiness or even who he knows that buzzes like Neon. I’m sure it’s a Pussy Cat Doll. Gag.

Seen here thinking about how his next song will be about saving us all from high gas prices, or just checking out the hot babe taking his picture?

But I’m still moved by his music. I wanted to run for office after Waiting for the World to Change. And I’ll buy his next album and I’ll go to another concert. I agree with Time that he could be one of the World’s 100 most influential people. (of 2007) And maybe he is a “New Guitar God.”(Rolling Stone, February 2007). He’s lovely– and his taste in women shocks me. A lovely contradiction.

Congrats John.

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