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Valentine’s Day rolls around and my Man takes me to a movie– because movies and my Man are what I LOVE. Loving this man, I decided to forego the romantic comedy and choose something that we might both enjoy. So, I’m a science fiction, fantasy, Harry Potter-loving lady: I chose Deadpool. An X-Men flavored film topped off with hilarity. I thought it was going to be great!

I knew that the writers, all men, were writing a genre-breaking, self-aware, antihero movie. And Jimmy Fallon said that the movie was great. That’s all I needed; I’d give it a try! He failed to mention how raunchy, gratuitously violent, and sexually explicit the movie was. And he also failed to mention (or did he fail to notice or be bothered by?) how the women were depicted in the film.

And then, I was embarrassed and scared, as a woman, to be sitting in that theatre.

  1. Vanessa- Our anithero, Wade Wilson/Deadpool’s main squeeze. She is apparently the perfect woman. First, she’s a “hooker with a heart of gold.”(Not exactly your Vivian from Pretty Woman)  She is ok with Wade’s dark (and very sexually explicit) sense of humor and bonus! She is just as dirty as he is and she can keep up. She is HOT. She has a ton of sex. She is HOT. She likes having a ton of sex. Perfect woman! Oh, and she works at a strip club. She’s so open minded.
  2. Angel Dust- The villain, Ajax’s love interest and partner. Who is she as a woman? HOT. Strong. Speaks very little. Likes everything Ajax likes. Does his bidding. Perfect.
  3. Megasonic Teenage Warhead- A moody, teenage X-men character. She is also very-near mute. Not meant to be sexually attractive. Right- because women with emotions, thoughts, and short short hair are obviously terrible. Men should avoid them until they grow out of this phase and become sexy.
  4. Blind Al- Deadpool’s blind (female) roommate. She is old and blind. She provides Deadpool with a place to live, does his laundry, “pays his bills,” and takes his blatant verbal abuse. Basically, she is totally disrespected, but she deserves it because she is old and blind.

I can’t wait for my boys to see this movie and laugh and laugh and learn about women! I can’t wait for them to learn that they should fall in love with women who are sexy. Women who are primarily sexual and care only about sexual things. Women who don’t talk much. Women who do everything men want them to do and don’t ask questions or have a conscious. Women who don’t challenge men, or talk about anything “boring.” Women who provide for men. Women who are young and hot.

I can’t wait for my boys to understand how to treat women!  Men should have a woman to have sex with. She shouldn’t care that her man is physically disfigured, but she must be hot. It’s totally ok to be terrible to women who don’t fit this sexy mold. In fact! It’s ok for men to use the moody teenager, the disabled elderly. They deserve it for not being sexy.

I’m done.

It is time for EVERYONE, men and women to say that this is not ok. This “boys will be boys” mentality makes me sick. It’s time to teach our boys (who are only years away from being men) that the value of women is NOT in their sexual appearance or abilities. Heck! Let’s teach our daughters this.

I won’t let my three and five-year old sons see this movie, but someday, I won’t stop them. They will make their own choices. They will be bombarded with pornography, violence against women in the media, and a million messages that this is just part of the deal being a “man.” I just want them to know what to really value in a woman. And I want them to reject these ideas about women that Deadpool celebrates.

So, I’m fired up. And maybe I just don’t get some type of symbolism or over-the-top, absurd portrayal of women in this film that was meant to say “this depiction of women is absurd!” Maybe I didn’t get it. Or maybe the way I perceived the movie is the way the writers intended for the audience to understand it. Call me dumb. But my hunch is this: the 13 year-old boy that was in that movie theatre with me the other day was loving every minute of that film. He loved the boobs, the sex, and the women. And he was told over and over again what type of women are good and what type of women are worthless. I just hope that my boys will scratch their heads, blush, or be totally uncomfortable in a movie like this. And maybe, just maybe, choose to skip the Deadpools of the future.




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