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Having a baby is stunning– in both the good and bad sense of that word. It is amazing and paralyzing all at the same time.

Michael Whitaker Deason, “Whit,” was born on December 21, 2010. (A good excuse for my lack of Tiger Lilies.) He is wonderful, perfect, smart, handsome, and so on and so on. Yet, while he is no doubt, blog-worthy, I promised when I started the TLs that I would never be another “Mommy blogger.” So I promise I won’t, but I am allowed at least one “Motherhood” post, right?

So in the Tiger Lily spirit of things, here are the stunning truths I’ve discovered in the first few weeks of Whit’s life:

1. I am not a “hard-ass” mom.  I thought it would be easy for me to show tough love. But I’m just as melty as the next spineless woman when it comes to my child. This shocked me. How could you say no to that face?

2. All babies look alike, at least in the beginning. If all parents were honest they would admit this too. In the first few days of Whit’s life I might have had a hard time picking him out of a baby-crowd.

3. I am one hot lady. After weeks of looking like the walking dead, not showering and having all sorts of baby-ness all over me, when I clean up and actually, shower, fix my hair AND put makeup on, I am hot. Motherhood has done wonders for my self esteem.

4. Breastfeeding is over rated. Attention La Leche crazies: please don’t bomb the comment section. I think it actually takes a lot of courage for me to write this one down. And if you decide to bash me anyway,  I will challenge you to a “beat my breastfeeding complication duel.” I will win.

5. I now love other people’s children. Before, I was annoyed with your children. Unless they were related to me, of course. But, having a child is like getting a dog. Once you get a dog and fall in love with him or her, you become a dog person. So I guess I am now a baby person.

6. Speaking of dogs, I love Greta just as much as I did before. Everyone said I’d love her less. What’s ironic is that I’m a bit more concerned about her than before. It’s like Greta became president in December and the aging process has accelerated. As I type, we are spending some quality time together. I love her even more.

7.  This has to be said: my sex-pectations have decreased dramatically. This actually surprised me.

8. I feel guilty for NOT going back to work. Although I love that I can stay home with Whit, sometimes I feel like a free-loader. And then I go back to sleep and get over it.

9. Daddies are important- and much calmer than mommies. I knew this before but now I really know it. And it makes me love my #1 even more.

10. I knew that I would fall instantly in love with my little guy– everyone says you will. But I didn’t realize how much it would matter to me that he love me back.

Thanks for the chance to have a mommy-post. I promise I won’t follow this up with a poop post or diaper discussion.


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