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Am I just getting older or have I always been “un-cool?” It recently dawned on me that there are a few things that I just don’t care for that many people love. Similarly, the things that I am obsessed with are often not as main-stream as I think they should be. So I’m putting it out there- I’m embracing my inner un-coolness and I’m proud of it. Stay tuned for my “Un-Cool Confessions.”

#1. I’m NOT into cool music.

For the last few weeks I’ve been traveling to see family and friends before I have little baby Whit in December. My first trip was to Houston to see my cousin who writes the blog, Combined Average, and my brother and his wife, who collectively write the blog, Something Clever. Both blogs are very entertaining and currently have posts up about music.

Everyone in Houston. Mrs. "Un-Cool" second from the right.

I would love to say that I have a deep appreciation for “cool” music but I just don’t. Unless it’s a billboard top 40, and re-digitized to make the singer’s voice sound like Max Headroom, I probably don’t like it. To my brother’s chagrin, I always disappoint him with my non-musical taste and general lack of musical knowledge. This weekend I got Rage Against the Machine mixed up with Radio Head, which he thought was hilarious.  He is a drummer, self-made sound engineer and really cool music person in general that is always asking me if I’ve heard of “so-and-so.” When I say, “no,” “but have you heard the latest song from Taylor Swift?” He drops his head and gives me a disapproving sigh.

Sorry Jay. I just like Elvis, Billy Joel/Elton John, anything on K-LOVE and the top 40. Oh, and did I mention I’m obsessed with the TV show Glee?

#2. I don’t care for any of these popular cooking shows. Or gourmet food in general.

Iron Chef, Barefoot Contessa, Paula Dean, Rachel Ray, Man vs. Food, etc. etc. etc. and ad nauseum. I don’t like to cook, (gasp!) and I don’t like to watch other people cooking. I especially don’t like to watch that guy on Man vs. Food make himself sick and I don’t want to watch any chef-wanna-be’s compete to be the next top chef.

This lack of appreciation also flows over into my  uncultured and unappreciative pallet. On my most recent trip to visit one of my best friends in Atlanta we attended a football get together to watch all of the SEC/Big 12 games we could possibly digest in one day. I was so excited. I thought we’d eat cheese dip, chips and burgers until I swore off food for life– but instead, we were greeted with a spread of three funny smelling cheeses, meat balls, cabbage salad and risotto. Let me tell you, everyone raved about the food. And I could tell it was really “good.” Damn you Giada de Laurentiis. I just wanted a Cool Ranch Dorito.

Here we are cheering on the Hogs, sans brownies

#3. And last, but certainly not least. I am so SICK of Betty White.

I love love love Saturday Night Live. If you haven’t seen Zach Galifianakas’s digital short, Zach Drops By the Set, please go watch it right now. It is hilarious. But I blame Saturday Night Live for America’s obsession with Betty White. Why did they have to let her host? She’s so over-done that I can’t bear to hear her little old voice one more time. I might even boycott any television shows that allow her to make a guest appearance.

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than old people making sexual jokes. Give Betty some better material. Write her something intelligent. Stop with the booty-spanking of John Hamm (Emmy’s), nasty dancing with Sandra Bullock  (MTV Teen-Choice Awards), and Schwetty Balls references in Delicious Dish (SNL). I hope this trend ends right away. I don’t know if I can stand it much longer.

Instead, I’ll enjoy my Glee episodes, listen to the Elton John channel of Pandora, and heat up my Lean Cuisine’s in perfect bliss. I am who I am. And don’t get me started on organic baby food…

With my brother and his wife. Trying to maintain a little coolness.


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