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PARAMOUNT STUDIOS, HOLLYWOOD, CA (April 22, 2010) —  Reality television star and mother of eight, Kate Gosselin, announces that she is joining the cast of Glee, an American musical-comedy drama on the Fox Network.

Gosselin in costume for an unannounced Western number

Gosselin will report to the Glee set for a special taping of two new episodes on May 1.  Insiders report that Gosselin refused producer’s request to sing “I’m a Slave for You” by Brittany Spears.

“Jon used to hum that song all the time and it just hits too close to home” cried Gosselin.

Instead, Gosselin will perform “Loosen Up My Buttons” by the Pussy Cat Dolls. A strip tease is anticipated.

Gosselin’s contract with Glee comes on the heels of her expulsion from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars Tuesday. Although he could not be reached for comment, Goesslin’s ex-dance partner, Tony Dovolani was seen sobbing after the Dancing results show on Tuesday night. Onlookers also reported that Dovolani immediately donned an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

The two other job opportunities Gosselin turned down this week include an impromptu spot on Fox’s American Idol and position of “mother” to Gosselin’s eight children.

“The volcano eruption in Iceland has prevented me from returning home to my kids” Gosselin explained. “I don’t want to blame that on Jon too, but the writing is on the wall.”

Jon Gosselin and girlfriend in Europe, also use volcano excuse

Seen leaving the set of Glee, Estee Novemenski, a Russian entrepreneur, fashion mogul and part-time agent for Gosselin reported that Gosselin signed her lucrative Glee contract today. “I am so happy to place Ms. Gosselin in Glee cast. We celebrate with Russian vodka tonight and toast her new hair and wonderful spray tan. Also, please watch TLC channel for upcoming series Sick of Kate. You won’t want to miss it.”

To protect her identity, only Novemenski's arm seen here.

Novemenski, clearly under the influence of alcohol was quoted accurately. However, there is no doubt that Novemenski was referring to Gosselin’s upcoming reality series, Twist of Kate.


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