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I normally don’t pass these along, but I found this so SHOCKING!!! Please forward this to all of your friends and family. (Tiger Lilish enough that I had to pass it along.)

My aunt works in the Mayor’s office in Alameda, California. She is the receptionist for the city’s Director of Marketing who’s son has been serving as Nancy Pelosi’s Page in the House of Representatives this Spring. Last week Nancy Pelosi fired the House Page on the spot, when she found out that the young man had been nosing around in her personal files. He intended to be a whistle blower, but Pelosi quickly fired him and sent him packing. The following is the first-hand account from the fired Page, who has asked everyone to pass this along, for the sake of the United States of America.

“Hello to everyone who receives this email and to those of you especially who have been blinded by our new Democratic leadership. I am emailing to inform you of the wasteful, dishonest and treasonous information I found in Nancy Pelosi’s office last week. I am a high school junior, and was serving as a Page in the House of Representatives when I found this information. Somehow, Pelosi found out that I had seen these “CONFIDENTIAL” files and fired me before I could report her to the Sargent at Arms.

I found a letter, sent to Nancy Pelosi by Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, which outlined a plan to include some pork-barrel legislation in the up-coming stimulus package that would help fund a certain “Special Alien Search Party.”

Frank indicated that Senator Christopher Dodd assured him that the Senate would overlook such pork-barrel funding when the Senate reviewed the stimulus bill that following week. Apparently, this “Special Alien Search Party” legislation would allow $500 million dollars of tax payer’s money to be collected and dispersed to an actual group of extraterrestrial aliens, (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP) who believes that one of their ruler’s ships crashed near Area 54 in Roswell, New Mexico about 50 years ago.

Because the aliens don’t want to have to get a job to raise the money they will need to fund the expedition, Pelosi and Frank are working to get them the funding for all of the investigative equipment. The producers of CBS’s hit show, Crime Scene Investigators- Miami, are also in on the alien-funding, hoping to get an exclusive interview with the search party to use in their season finale.

Obama was next on the list to contact, although Frank warned Pelosi that because Obama is really from Iran and has family there, that he would not be behind any more alien pork-barrel funding, but instead would only support pork-barrel legislation that made Arabic the official language of the U.S.

What’s worse, is that I found a letter drafted by Pelosi back to Frank indicating that she would find a way to word the legislation so that our hard-earned Social Security dollars would be used to fund this alien expedition.”

Please pass this on to at least eight people that you know and trust. DON’T BREAK THIS PATRIOTIC CHAIN. If you do, who knows how much more idiocy will go on in Washington while the Democrats waste our money?

If you can see the angel’s wings flapping below, you also probably thought this was a real email*, and deserve a Tiger Lily–along will all the Crazies out there that write them and get us to pass them along. And Tiger Lily to those of you that are so politically charged that you would believe anything you read about Pelosi, Frank or Obama– and then post it on Facebook.

*For people that are so smart we (yes, myself included) really do pass on a lot of garbage through email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other Internet applications. This post was sparked by a pretty legitimate- looking email forwarded to me by my mother-in-law last night. If my brother-in-law hadn’t sent me a link to Snopes, I would have forwarded it to my whole address book.


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The writers et al at The Tiger Lilies Blog-Spot are currently engaged in an empirical research project at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The following is a summary of that research project.

Methods: Tiger Lilies Blog-Spot Contributors decided to immerse themselves in the Master’s Program for Professional and Technical Writing at UALR. They followed 2% of students in the program that write professionally (n=1) and now report on their perception of the degree program. UALR is a four-year university in the heart of Little Rock, Arkansas. Some students live on campus, while a great majority of students commute to campus and work part-time or full-time.

Objective: The survey looks at these “budding” professional writers and seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What are their professional goals to be realized through this degree program? 2. Where are they currently working and where do they plan to work after graduation? 3. Where their goals realized? 4. What does the future hold for this degree program in light of the down-turn in the economy?

Please Note: This survey is on-going and these are just the findings at this stage in the project.

When the students started the degree program in January of 2008, their goals were as follows:

  • Learn and master certain writing genres including: Grant writing, HTML/CSS writing, persuasive writing in a business setting-specifically proposal writing, feature-story writing
  • Obtain advanced editing skills
  • Obtain experience (and most importantly) samples for a portfolio through relevant internships
  • Make contacts needed to obtain work as a free-lance writer in a technical or non-fiction capacity

Here are the top observations our Tiger Lily Blog-Spot Contributors made about the UALR Professional and Technical Writing Master’s Degree Program: (Some of these observations shed light into the reality of the program that bear a stark contrast to the goals set by the students followed in this study.)

1. Profile of Students in Program:

  • Many of the students in this program are unemployed, professional students. Many.
  • The majority of the students in this program are teachers– who plan to teach students to write.
  • 2% of the students (the students followed closely in this empirical study) currently write for a living and go to school part-time.

2. Synopsis of Courses Offered:

  • The courses offered for the professional students and teachers are offered at night.
  • The courses designed to aid the 2% of students that write for a living are offered during regular business hours.
  • The required curriculum includes: Rhetorical Theory, Composition Theory, Language Theory and Technical Theory. (All courses on the theory of writing)
  • The elective courses that are only offered in limited quantity include: Document Design, HTML/CSS writing and Grant Writing. (All courses on how to actually write)

3. #1 Question asked by Professors to 2% of Students with Writing Careers:

  • “If you’re not going to teach after you receive your Master’s Degree, what are you going to do with your Professional and Technical Writing Degree?”

4. #1 Question asked by Current Employers of 2% of Students with Writing Careers:

  • “What is Professional and Technical Writing?”

5. #1 Question asked by 2% of Students with Writing Careers (and answer given by Professor):

  • Student: “Can I substitute an “elective” course like -Grant Writing- for one of my “Theory” courses?
  • Professor: “Probably not, because you need the theory class in order to teach.”

6. The 2% of students who write professionally are actually paying full tuition for this degree.

The writers at the Tiger Lily Blog-Spot admit to the Review Board that they are only 2/3 of the way complete with their investigation. They still have 12 hours of investigation left after the completion of this semester. However, with these preliminary findings, the writers et al have come to the following conclusions:

Conclusions: These observations have led the Tiger Lily Blog-Spot Contributors to believe that, in light of the current economic crisis we are facing in the United States, and in light of the previously mentioned observations, this degree program should be part of Barack Obama’s stimulus package. Like many of the other recipient-programs of this stimulus, the Master’s Degree in Professional and Technical Writing from UALR, is clearly, based on these findings, an economic stimulus as defined by the President.

And as an added and appropriate bonus, all graduates of this degree should receive a special stimulus Tiger Lily for all of their hard work and money spent.

Notes on the Research: This research study was written during an excruciatingly long and unnecessary session of Composition Theory. These findings may have been exaggerated due to the Tiger Lily Blog-Spot Contributors’ close proximity to Complete Insanity.

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A quick note: I spell Grandad with one “d” in the middle. I’ve always been a marginal speller and this is how I’ve always done it! Sorry to you two-“d” spellers out there.

George F. Robie, my last living grandparent, past away last Wednesday at 92. He will surely be missed by everyone in his family and anyone he met along the way. Grandad is without a doubt, one of the best Christian men I have ever been privileged to know. He had a faith that has made its mark on my entire family.

He was a paratrooper in World War II, and made 13 jumps in his career, one into enemy territory right before D-Day. He met my grandmother on a blind date while in the service and he worked for Phillips Petroleum for his entire career. He was an engineer with pack-rat tendencies and impeccable organizational skills. He was a great card player, musician and wonderful grandfather.

Because he is the one grandparent that I knew as an adult, I have many memories of him, and honestly, not one bad one in the bunch. I thought I could write a few down– some that I share with my seven cousins and brother and sister and some that are probably unique for me and Grandad.

1. I remember Grandad reading me a Raggedy Ann and Andy book where they took a boat through a spooky place. Maybe I’m combining two books because I can’t find this particular one, but I remember that Grandad’s reading “voice” was very deep and that he and my mom read stories in the same way.

2. I remember sending him “pen-pal” letters when we moved away to Houston. He would correct my letters with a red pen and send them back to me with his reply. We traded letters for many years, and I can remember his distinct, very neat handwriting that accompanied each one.

3. Around the dinner table in his green kitchen, I remember him telling us in his “Julia Child” voice how he had prepared dinner that evening. (Although my grandmother always prepared the dinner.)

4. I can see him peeling an orange with his pocket knife right now. He taught me how to do this over a game of checkers.

5. Endless games of Gin-Rummy. Much like Gina, I remember specifically one night, sitting on the baseball ottoman facing him, perched in his orange tower-of-a-chair, and I didn’t win a single hand. No mercy– but I got better. Then, I remember him falling asleep during some of our games at the nursing home, and him still beating me.

6. Playing the piano. He taught me (and probably a few others) to play chop-sticks and had a special accompaniment that he played so that we could entertain our parents with a duet. Also, he would let us bang out a few high-notes to punctuate the end of his songs.

7. Coming to my high school and college graduation– and my wedding. The only grandparent I had at any of those events.

8. Singing “Boomer Sooner” with him and talking to him about life at OU— He is my only relative to attend OU and graduated in 1939. We talked a lot about his time as a Delt and his time in the University singing group. Because I was a Theta, he told me that he only really had one Theta friend, named Rose– who wasn’t very attractive, but he thought she liked him quite a bit.

9. Gal-Dern.

10. I know this isn’t a Grandad memory specifically, but it’s a tribute to him. I had the opportunity to be with him the last few days of his life in the nursing home here in Little Rock. During that time, he had a number of nurses and aids come visit him in his room–(everyone up there always told me how much they liked him.) As I was leaving him one evening, one of his nurses, Charlotte, who is normally very friendly, kept her back to me. I told her goodbye as I got on the elevator and she turned around and had been crying. She said that this was going to be hard for her, too and that she would miss him.

I will miss him for a while until I can see him again.

Love you Grandad. A special Tiger Lily just for you!

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