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With all the buzz around Sarah Palin’s glasses, I decided that I would like to share some of my own observations about cool eye-wear. I want to preface my entry by saying that this is not a political blog, and I just want to discuss the glasses!
What intrigues me, is that Sarah Palin is the only person in history to wear cool glasses, and people still think she is dumb. Tiger Lily. I have never before encountered such a phenomenon. Much like a British accent, glasses make people smarter, nerdier, more brilliant, more creative. For example:
1. Benjamin Franklin glasses. Isn’t he the one that invented bi-focals? Electricity? The United States… something like that, but really smart.

2. The “coke-bottle” glasses. These glasses are worn by a skinny kid and are probably broken in the middle, held together with a piece of white tape . You know this kid is a nerd. And by nerd, I mean rocket-scientist later in life.

3. The 1950’s glasses. You know the ones. Every grandad had a pair. Even the smarty pants lawyer in JFK wore them.

4. Librarian glasses. These are probably bifocals and are worn on the tip of the nose. Not only is this librarian smart, but she is mean. This might be a thought for Palin

5. Tina Fey glasses. She may be the person that made glasses chic. She wasn’t necessarily a nerd, but you thought her comedy writing was that much wittier when she delivered her ‘Weekend Updates’ from behind these stylish specs.

6. Ad guy’s glasses: I work in an ad agency and I noticed at a conference in Kansas City two weeks ago that all the agency’s owners and creative directors wore cool glasses. Without them, you might have thought they were bankers. With them, Ta-Da!— creative genius. I bet this guy’s in advertising.

Now enter Sarah Palin glasses. They just haven’t had the same smartening effect that so many other trusted spectacles have in the past. Maybe she should try a British accent. Tiger Lily to Sarah Palin’s glasses.

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